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AI is the go to buzz word all over the world but it should not be limited to just that. It is a mathematically challenging and at the same time extremely intriguing field with beneficial applications in almost every field. Recognizing this importance of AI, we founded AI Developers Nepal (AIDevNepal), a community for all the Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts. Our community aims to inspire every aspiring individual who is passionate about their craft in investigating and taking actions on the potential AI problems. We have been able to achieve this through hands on workshops where participants get to learn through implementation rather than imparting only the theoretical aspects. We also work together to foster research and development amongst our community members to address different problems within the society and provide efficient solutions.


AI Saturday 0 – AI Meetup & Orientation (AI Saturdays)


AI Saturday 1 – Workshop 1


AI Saturday 2 – Workshop 2

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AI Developers Nepal (AIDevNepal) envisions to make education and cutting edge scientific research free, open and accessible to everyone. Bridging the gap between educational institution and industries, we want to work on solving the community problems. WE invite all the aspiring and seasoned tech practitioners recite our “Learn, Share and Grow” mantra together“ with us and join our force in making Artificial Intelligence excitingly ubiquitous in Nepalese tech industry and educational institutions.


How we can/ have been achieving it:

Workshops, Talk sessions and Conferences

Open source projects and materials

Research hub (A platform for quality research)

Collaboration with professors and researchers


AI For Banking & Finance

AI For Agriculture

AI For Health

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We are conducting Nepal’s Largest and Free Artificial Intelligence(AI) workshop for all. We are taking different levels of learners from a different background, The attendees are from Banking to Biomedical students Bachelor, Masters running students and +2 students as well. we, a team of Six Co-founders started this mission, they all are working on Real-time AI projects on some large companies in Nepal. And we want to keep the culture of Learn, Share and Grow.  AI Saturdays is a global movement across the globe initiated by Nurture.AI, a Singapore based company, to make Artificial Intelligence education at the quality and rigour of the world’s best universities accessible to anyone for free. To date, we are now in 61 cities around the world in places like Los Angeles (USA), Kathmandu (Nepal), Lagos (Nigeria), Mumbai (India), Sunnyvale (California), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Warsaw (Poland) just to name a few. Our participants range from people who have mastered deep learning through online courses and lecture videos, Kaggle masters, Fellows and people with Masters and PhDs from top universities like Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, to complete beginners in AI – there’s something for everyone.

  • AI Meetup & Orientation (AI Saturdays)

    30th December, 2017

    AI Meetup & Orientation was the first Saturday meetup/workshop. It was organized by AI Developers Nepal in collaboration with Nurture.AI, supported by Khalti – Digital Wallet. The venue for the 1st Saturday is provided by Apex College. [detail]

  • AI Saturdays Workshop - I

    13th January, 2018

    AI Saturdays Workshop - I is the first AI Saturday workshop. It was organized by DN: AI Developers Nepal in collaboration with Nurture.AI, supported by Khalti – Digital Wallet. [detail]

  • AI Saturdays Workshop - 2

    20th January, 2018

    AI Saturdays Workshop - 2 is the second AI Saturday workshop and this time it was mainly targeted for beginners. [detail]

  • AI Saturdays Workshop - 3

    27th January, 2018

    AI Saturdays Workshop - 3 is the third series of AI Saturday workshop.

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Asst. Prof., Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KU.

  • Research focus: Natural Language Processing, Software Localization
  • Head of Information and Language Processing Research Lab at KU
  • Chief Scientist at Language Technology Kendra Nepal.
  • More than a decade of experience in the field

Dr. Basanta Joshi

Asst. Prof., Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, IOE, Pulchowk Campus, TU

  • Research focus: Machine Learning and its application, especially Images and Speech
  • Member of Laboratory for ICT Research and Development (LICT)
  • Coordinator of Master’s in Information and Communication Engineering at IOE
  • Former Sr. Software Engineer at D2Hawkeye
  • Former Research Consultant at LogPoint.

Raj Kumar Bharati

15+ years in Banking and Finances , Data Science and Mathematics


Ashis Parajuli

AI & Big Data Engineer and Mentor. Databricks Certified Apache Spark Developer, Global AI ambassador for Nepal

AI/ML  Enthusiast. Computer Engineer. 

Kshitiz Mandal

AI/ML Engineer, Computer Vision, AI Mentor, Computer Engineer.

Ashish Sharma

Software (Systems) Engineer at HomeCU LLC, USA

Sulabh Shrestha

AI/ML and Computer Vision Engineer, AI Researcher and Mentor, Software Developer, AI Saturdays Ambassador

Angeela Acharya

AI Engineer, Software Developer


Raju Thapa

Web Developer, Data Science, AI/ML, Big Data Enthusiastic

Ramesh Tabdar

UI/UX Designer and Frontend Developer

Puncoz Nepal

Electronics Engineer, AI and Robotics Enthusiast

Weenit Maharjan

PHP developer, Android and an Assistant Lecturer.

Sukrit Shakya

Lecturer at Islington College, AI/Machine Learning Enthusiast

Ramesh Tabdar

Works at EKbana Solutions

Raisha Shrestha

Computer Engineer. Assistant Lecturer at Advanced College of Engineering and Management

Devendra Adhikari

Computer Science Student ,BIgData Enthusiastic

Rajlakshmi Jain

Graphic, Web Designer & developer | Web Strategist | QA and Web Marketing | Web Consultant


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